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ASF Users - Enterprise Architects & IT Management

 8th Sep 2017

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Are you still using legacy products in your Document Creation and Output Management?

If so then you will be familiar with the following frustrations, common in departments operating legacy systems…

Familiar frustrations

Computer Frustration

1. You are forever inundated with end-user requests to make amends to customer documentation, but it’s hard to make system changes or create new templates

2. You are often back-logged with numerous requests, so LOB departments get irritated with the delays

3. Long timeframes to production caused by extended test cycles, inflexible software stack or silo’d data and servers.

4. Adding more channels for electronic Output, such as social media, web html, SMS or PDF, is not supported or extremely difficult with your legacy document software. 

Running unsupported software

There is one legacy document system that may be critical to your organisation right now. If you specifically operate IBM’s Application Support Facility (ASF) then you will also be aware that IBM withdraws support on 30 September 2017.

What does this mean?

Running unsupported software places you “at risk”. You may need to officially declare this to the regulator. In some countries, organisations are fined for running such risk or being unable to communicate with clients in an appropriate manner. Worse, in some countries (e.g. Germany), you (as well as your seniors) are liable for a jail term! 

In any case your existing system will become increasingly problematic as you attempt to modernise other parts of the portfolio. For example, running Microfocus could be a showstopper. It will continue to be difficult to use (relative to alternatives) and eventually obsolete.

The simple solution

DOPiX, a Corporate Communications Management Solution, is a state-of- the-art, Document Creation and Output Management for any large, forms-centric organisation. It will fully integrate with your existing legacy system, so no need for a major overhaul of internal systems or downtime whilst additional software is implemented. If you run ASF, it is the only binary compatible system available – but does so much more.

DOPiX logo small

How will I benefit from this?

1. Your department can keep control of DOPiX system administration, but the marketing department can make the majority of their desired amendments – so no more backlog!


2. There will be minimal disruption as it integrates into your current operating system.


3. Your department will be able to turn around tasks much quicker and easier.


4. It will remove the Risk Officer off your back.


5. You’ll have surplus budget to spend on Change rather than Maintain activities.



DOPiX screen - form completion sample.png

Simple form entry template creation and easy personalisation


powerful Omni-Channel Output tick-box options:

Omnichannel Communications v5.1 without icon logo small


To find out more about DOPiX, and the organisations currently seeing significant operational benefits because of it, please contact us at .








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