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The Law Commission's review of UK law relating to e-Signing is published today. Here's the short version and a little perspective... 

…Is your business ready to deliver advice digitally and become more cost effective in the process?

Driving home for ChristmasReal life isn’t quite as romantic as Chris Rea implies, and driving home for Christmas can be more like the road to hell.

The ability to Write, Record and Review all your information making it easier for you to check back on what you discussed and agreed – safety and securely.

Are you still using legacy products in your Document Creation and Output Management?

If so then you will be familiar with the following frustrations, common in departments operating legacy systems…

Diagramatic Illustration of the range of features of our Digital Space technologies - all in one virtual environment.

If you work in Marketing in Banking or Finance, or any other forms-centric Marketing department, you might be familiar with the following scenario…

You want to distribute electronic communications to customers but your document templates need amending to fit the campaign. You must request these amends from IT but there’s a delay as they struggle to find workarounds to suit your needs. You miss your deadline. Perhaps the next one too!

Digital Workspace explained

A “digital workspace” is the combination of a document collaboration tool, coupled to a video conferencing service and merged with digital signing tools and the ability to verify identity details. All functionalities are wrapped in a cloud service that is perpetually “on” and offers the ability to record for audit and regulatory compliance purposes.

Nearly two decades into the 21st century, we are getting closer to the "paperless society." Thanks to emerging paperless technologies, business owners can bypass many headaches and decrease their environmental footprint at the same time. Not only does going paperless clear clutter from your office environment, but it also saves you money and is a great PR message for potential customers and partners!

Never has the face of banking changed as much as it has in the past decade. Trust is low, innovation in user interfaces is increasingly driven by consumer technology and security sees experimentation with biometrics and multi-factors for authentication and access. But the change in the next decade is going to be more fundamental as some of the world’s largest firms focus on this space. Ones such as Google, Apple, FaceBook, Amazon, and AliBaba (dubbed “GAFAA”) are bastions of innovation and have billions of regular users.


Product and Company News


IBMIcon UK CEO Chris Jones and Icon founder Uwe Seltmann present “The Key Role of Customer Communication Software in a Digital Enterprise” at GSE UK 2015. Guide Share Europe (GSE) is IBM's premier large systems User Group and the Annual Conference in the UK is at Whittlebury Hall on 3rd-4th November 2015.


Customers still on IBM's Enterprise Document Management platform Application Support Facility ("ASF") have been facing an issue for some years as IBM withdraws support for both ASF and closely related Document Composition Facility ("DCF") software. Changing platform from this typically mainframe resident software is going to be costly and complex with most choices. 

With icon's DOPiX, IBM now offers next generation capabilities for document creation, formatting and output processing on an industrial scale. Current customer investments in ASF and DCF technical skills can be protected with binary compatibility whilst also enabling modern functionality. The icon DOPiX /ARK v4.0 offers an ASF Replacement Kit for z/OS mainframe use. 

icon uk logo Seminar and demo's at Biometrics 2014 Exhibition and Conference

Far-reaching partnership between IBM and icon creates a variety of synergies

Interview with Stefan Riedel, Vice President Insurance, IBM Germany and Uwe Seltmann, majority shareholder of the icon group [published in Versicherungsbetriebe, Edition 02/2014]

icon uk logoA round up of the latest product news and industry events happening in March.

Cebit LogoLondon   e-Signature Briefing by iconuk icon uk logo

For UK organisations not intending to visit CeBIT, weCebit Wacom are bringing the highlights to the UK for a special eSignature solutions briefing on 27th March in London.Wacom will be presenting solutions for an efficient future showcasing market leading xyzmo SIGNificant eSignature software at Cebit 2014.

The correspondence platform DOPiX from icon is being showcased at CeBit 2014 on the IBM Stand. Cebit Logo

POS advertising and e-signature capture with xyzmo 'Kiosk mode' on Wacom DTU-1031

e-Signature Briefing by iconuk icon uk logo



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