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Paperless society

 11th Jul 2017

Paperless Society

Nearly two decades into the 21st century, we are getting closer to the "paperless society." Thanks to emerging paperless technologies, business owners can bypass many headaches and decrease their environmental footprint at the same time. Not only does going paperless clear clutter from your office environment, but it also saves you money and is a great PR message for potential customers and partners!

Whilst businesses globally are striving to become paperless or possibly just paper-light, there are times when it is still necessary to use paper. And perhaps what’s actually written down carries more relevance, it’s the information that matters.

However, there are times when it would seem that paper is necessary. We sign so many documents, transactions and contacts- but does it have to be on a physical paper?

What is it that we sign?

Often it can be a form of contract such as a patient consent form or possibly a purchase requisition form. Yes it needs signature, so how does technology help and how do you know that the person completing the form has the right to do so? We can check signatures, but these are easily forged. This is why checks and balances are needed in business workflows to manage these eventualities.

Fraud-proof and workflow efficient

Building components in biometric signatures helps not only to reduce the fraud but ideally to eradicate it fully. A forensically identifiable signature is much more than just a digitised image of a handwritten signature. The unique dynamic parameters recorded cannot be easily reproduced by a forger and hence become forensically identifiable.

But what about the workflow processing? What if someone completed a valid purchase requisition, but the person who would be normally asked for approval is on holiday? A workflow solution would have defined alternate routing rules and would be able to automatically redirect the query, to ensure that important products and services aren’t delayed by staff absence.

Data delays

Another issue could be delays caused by documents having to make their way through the system into the hands of a data entry clerk.  Using hybrid tablets that can capture written details from a form and automatically process them into CRM or ordering systems means that businesses can run faster, cheaper and more efficiently than ever- literally cutting out additional administration.


ICON UK are specialists in harnessing the power of Customer Communication Management technologies to deliver business specific solutions exactly as you need them.  Whether cloud based or on premises, our solutions can be deployed in record time to help you achieve the savings and efficiencies you deserve. You don’t need to suffer under the weight of hard copies, we can offer you a suite of tools available to help your business lighten its load.

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