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The process of creating enterprise content and documents for client, partner or internal use is often a collaborative matter. The systems, processes, training and information all need to be brought together efficiently. This one minute non-technical animation explains the basics of core functionality provided by a modern IT document system like icon Suite’s DOPiX modules.

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If you'd like a reminder of the key points, here it is:

Document Creation in large Organisations typically has at least 6 different systems in use (such as MS Word or Application specific text editors). But besides duplication costs, they often produce inflexible, inadequate and inconsistent output ­- with issues such as unable to re-use content for web portals, or incorrect formats on mobile devices, or multiple versions of key corporate information may inadvertently be used (such as regulatory text or even brand logos).

icon software allows the same system to be configured for maximum automation or maximum personalisation flexibility, or anywhere in-between, according to need when creating documents or online content. It integrates existing data fragments (such as standard letter text or client data) with powerful document creation tools and processes to maximise content re-use (even archived material).

Users select the optimum mix of authorized data/content fragments to suit their needs

Document Content Pieces

It also has a high volume, flexible Output Engine that formats and delivers created content to all media when needed - print and electronic; fixed and mobile devices.

icon solutions make creating personalised documents easier, whether manually (eg Call centre, Field sales) or automatically (eg system) produced ­ with less IT involvement.  Efficiently producing richer, more consistent client experiences in all interactions unlocks outstanding ROI and user satisfaction.

As only one system is needed, considerable savings can be generated across all common use types:   batch (eg quarterly statements), interactive (eg human-to-human dialogue and written output) and online (eg self-service).

icon is an Award winning Document Creation, Content Integration and Output Management System for large organisation use, already running in over 50 corporates.



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