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We believe that there are fundamental forces reshaping the way that large organisations communicate with their customers, partners and staff. Communications are increasingly electronic, so IT changes impact business results. Device Mobility (eg Smartphones and Tablets), Cloud (computing anywhere, anytime), and Social Business (via ‘social media’) drive more communications choices than ever before.

In this new era, the new winners are being shaped now. And we have invested in the technologies, learning and skills to enable your success. We understand the importance of Information Management as a competitive differentiator, the role of ‘big data analytics’ to see trends quickly and the capabilities to digitize all documents - then manipulate and distribute via any media of choice. To meet this challenge requires an integration of many skills.

Our Business Consulting, Technical and Information Professionals between them combine to offer all the necessary expertise to assist our clients’ success by putting disciplines such as those below into appropriate context. We offer not just a 'traditional' technology technical team of software "analysts" and "developers". Our technologists cover a wide skills base with most having cross-discipline knowledge and experience.

For example our Consulting, Installation, Implementation and Support teams' expertise covers software, hardware, networking, domain consulting, and integration. However in today's world this is no longer enough. We also recognise the aligned role of Information Professional, skilled in both Process and Information disciplines. To illustrate the diversity of roles, consider how many of these applied to your last major Enterprise wide project and where there might have been some gaps:

Information Professionals

If you empathise with our philosophy, contact us for a discussion either as a prospective client or as a future employee (See careers). We'll enjoy the discussion. 

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