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Financial Advisors - want extra profits? Well, the £64,000 question is .... .....

 26th Mar 2018

final-01 2018

Multiply the result by number of customer facing Advisors...

…is your business ready to deliver advice digitally, becoming more responsive and more cost effective in the process?

Recovering £64,000

More to the point, how quickly do you think your organisation could recover £64,000 ?  There are many factors to consider – number of Advisors, reduced travelling time and the various costs associated with travelling are the biggest factors. But also how much are your documented processes costing and how many clients spend less due to inflexible onboarding and advice practices?


Time equals money

If you frequently travel to and from client’s meetings, you will know all too well that time equals money. The time you’re spending in the car or on a train getting to and from meetings is the time that you are not face-to-face with clients, time you are not able to be very productive, almost a down time.



Let’s also explore the concept of face-to-face meetings. The definition of face-to-face doesn’t mean that you and your client need to be in the same physical room at the same time! You can be in a “virtual room” in the comfort of either your office or even better - home.  It also offers a peripheral advantage to the client in not having to get back in time or tidy up before you arrive!



According to research published by 360 Dot Net “the majority of clients are willing to digitally engage with advisers throughout the advice process and beyond.” This is borne out by our clients' clients where well over half are happy to engage digitally and many prefer digital modes.



SuiteBox provides users with an “digital workspace” and unsurpassed meeting environment. Focused around users’ privacy, SuiteBox offers the most efficient, convenient and compliant meeting platform available with the functionality of recording your meetings, real-time document collaboration and signing the documents whilst in a video meeting.  



The regulators are cracking down on advisors who fail to properly “advise” clients. The beauty of Suitebox is that meetings are recorded to prove that appropriate advice was given and not only received but visibly understood.  This also means that you don’t have to type any notes. The recording can be automatically transcribed into notes should you need a written record.  


How much money can you save?


All of these time savings and efficiency gains have a direct impact on how much money you can save. We’ve even created an R.O.I. Calculator to help you estimate your own potential saving figures and see how these compare in our £64,000 Question Challenge. Depending on the size, profile and style of your organisation, it could be within a few days, weeks or months!

Why not try it for yourself and see how quickly you can reach the £64,000 R.O.I.:



SuiteBox ROI Calculator


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