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Driving home for Christmas... Or not.

 11th Dec 2017

driving home for christmas

Real life isn’t quite as romantic as Chris Rea implies, and driving home for Christmas can be more like the road to hell.


Those who frequent our country’s motorways will agree that the Christmas commute is usually an obstacle course of icy roads, bumper-to-bumper traffic, and the the driver next to us is generally as worn out as we are. The drive home for Christmas is one many of us will face, and it’s a time of year when we have so many additional burdens placed upon us.

But festivities or not, for some, work simply does not, and cannot stop. Whatever the service level agreement; providing legal advice, meeting clients, turning around contracts, or signing off projects – travel is simply unavoidable. Or is it?

The limitations of video conference calls

Until now, products like Skype have revolutionized the way that businesses interact with long distance clients. Skype has saved organisations significant amounts of both money and time where travel could be avoided.

However, the limitations of these products mean that to ultimately finalise, transact or formalise agreements, customer facing employees must still fight the traffic, fork out for trains, or brave the budget airlines.

Closing business from the kitchen

SuiteBox is a digital workspace that originates from “down-under”. It was designed by a NZ professional services team who were all too familiar with the logistical nightmare of transacting business between the 6th biggest country in the world, and themselves over 4,000 Km away. So, they developed a solution; one that enabled business people to meet and conduct business in the same manner as physically in person, without having to leave their office or their home.

Unlike Skype, Suitebox offers full webcam and screen share video, document collaboration, selective recording AND real-time signing, so the user can accelerate - and close - business in a completely legal and compliant environment – from a virtual meeting room (aka, the kitchen).

Flexibility for Christmas

SuiteBox is already saving Antipodean professionals significant amounts in travel time and expenditure, without materially compromising face-to-face interaction. It is providing professionals and their clients with a new flexibility, so that projects are still turned around no matter where they are in the world.

So, this Christmas, you could give your team the greatest gift of all – improved productivity and customer service for the business with more time at home and less time on the roads for them. 

Try for FREE today

Whilst we can’t reduce the workload this December, we can remove many additional and unnecessary long distances that you or your team might travel. Take the pressure off yourself and your team this Christmas with SuiteBox – try it for free today! To find out more, click here.


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