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The unfortunate reality of digital transformation is that the commercial implications of driving change can be vast but only if the right drivers and architectural cornerstones are identified. Why is it that IT Departments ignore the biggest source of systems ROI and customer engagement right under their noses? It’s partially because the costs of the constituent systems are fragmented, not measured end-to-end and often not held by IT, with increasing use of cloud services by user departments. What can be done?  

Admittedly, much European focus recently has been on Brexit, so it’s no real surprise that there have been some substantial regulations and developments from within the European Union that have slipped under the radar. One such regulation that you might never have come across is the eIDAS regulation. Read more to find out how you can make the most of this obscure regulation.

Industries which face strict regulation regarding how they communicate with their customers often have a dilemma: how do they communicate in a warm, friendly and personal manner whilst still meeting the regulatory requirements of the information they’re providing? The Icon Suite can help.

You're about to push through a major deal that is important for your business; agreement in principle has been given and now it's time to formalise that agreement with the contracts.

Whether you're selling in this situation or you're a buyer, getting the contracts signed in a timely manner could be the biggest hurdle in completing this deal and cause you a great deal of frustration.

New regulations regarding the use of digital trust services across the EU are today (1st July 2016) law

Britain needs to harness technology better across all sectors to increase efficiency. Public Sector organisations are no exception, and in the face of increasingly tight budgets, it is the deployment and use of technology and innovation that will generate real savings not just now, but for the long term.

Industry figures reflect rise in 'devastating' property sale intercept fraud, according to a Telegraph Money investigation into conveyancing fraud.

As many paper processes transform into digital workflows and traditional paper documents become PDFs or similar, it would almost seem as if the humble signature - the traditional authentication of a person’s identity - is slowly becoming aged and weary.

The Retail Business Technology Expo 2016 closed last week after another successful show. Over the two days of the show, retail industry leaders and suppliers debated the future of the industry and how best to tackle their most challenging issues. One of the highlights of the show was the panel discussion that focused on retail innovation with industry captains including former BRC chairman, Stephen Robertson, and Executive Vice President of the Boots Walgreens Alliance, Simon Roberts, amongst others.

Engaging with and capturing customers is how businesses generate revenue. The process of getting customers on board is often costly, both in terms of the effort and money required to attract them. Retaining customers is often at least 70% cheaper than winning new ones. 

The difference between keeping and losing customers can be dependent on the quality of the communications exchanged during their journeys with us. So just how can we make sure our customer communications are working for us, and not against us?


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We are pleased to announce that Icon UK have signed a 5 year exclusive distribution contract with Xyzmo Software GmbH.

SIGNificant software by xyzmo wins the 2011 global Signature Verification Competition for Online Skilled Forgery Detection.

According to a study carried out by the IT consulting company IDC, the overwhelming majority of executive officers think that quick and easy access to information is a prerequisite for optimising decision-taking processes, while saving time, nerves and helping avoid duplication within a company.

Knowledge workers can spend huge amounts of time searching for content or manually integrating it into existing processes. With “COPiX”, icon now offers a market leading content integration solution to complement icon’s document creation and output management solutions.

London based company, Icon UK, and Stuttgart based icon Systemhaus GmbH, the major provider of Customer Communications Management (“CCM”) solutions in the German market, today announced the availability and support of their icon Suite based solutions to the UK market.



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