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Icon UK and Xyzmo SIGNificant seal the deal

 11th Nov 2013

Customer Communications Management specialists Icon UK Limited today announced that they have signed a contract with Xyzmo Software GmbH to market their leading electronic signature software suite in the UK.

 The deal gives iconuk access to highly sophisticated, handwritten digital biometric signature solutions branded “SIGNificant”. It allows iconuk to act as UK Distributor and a value-added reseller. As the pace of replacing ‘wet ink on paper signatures’ quickens for everyday use cases, the addition of SIGNificant to the iconuk portfolio adds the ‘significant’ capabilities of the world’s most advanced digital signature software.

The deal may be timely: companies have been experimenting with different forms of personal verification and authentication for years, but now according to most market analysts the market is poised to take off. Over the last decade e-signature implementations have too often been limited to pioneering SME’s; however the last year has seen a tranche of leading Corporates making major investments. The early adopters are gaining dramatic first mover advantage within each of the sectors that they operate in, as the promise of faster cash flows and better customer service are realised through paper removal and more efficient processes.    

Chris Jones, CEO of iconuk said “the addition of handwritten, digital, biometric signature software to our Customer Communications Management Solutions adds another dimension to our existing services. We had examined alternative biometric technologies, such as iris recognition and fingerprint scanning; however, we came to the realisation that not only was the xyzmo solution more secure but the act of physically hand signing a document is more widely socially accepted in day to day interactions, thus making it a more understandable concept that end users can relate to, particularly for contractual commitments. We envisage that electronic signature software will bring about significant benefits to any organisation in our target market sectors”.

Prior to signing the 5 year minimum term deal, iconuk first wanted to obtain reassurance from multiple regulators in their target industries that there were neither legal barriers nor potential regulatory breaches of codes of practice to the use of such technology within such industries (Banking, Insurance, Investment Management, Telecoms & Utilities, Commercial, Healthcare and the Public Sector). Jones comments “sometimes contrary to perception, most regulators actually encouraged the use of intelligently deployed handwritten biometric digital signature software”, stating organisations using such technology “strengthened their positioning in terms of compliance and risk management”.

CEO of Xzymo
Gerald Cäsar, CEO of xyzmo, securely signing contracts whilst on vacation

 Xyzmo’s CEO, Gerald Cäsar, had no reservations about jetting off on a pre-booked vacation as the contract signing date became imminent. He took the opportunity to use their technology to demonstrate electronic contract signing in action. Gerald said “The great thing about this software is that it gives users the ability to sign anywhere, online and offline, on almost all major types of hardware.

We can run paperless as SIGNificantly signed documents are not only secure and fully admissible in a court of law, but its non-repudiation credentials have been forensically tested and verified by experts in the fields of both law and technology.  So the signed document is the original version and the only one needed.”


Whilst the precise signing location remains a mystery, the contract logic is not; xyzmo gain important exposure to the UK market and iconuk clients can with confidence integrate end-to-end processes and remove their number one reason for processing and storing paper.


Please contact us for more information on how this electronic signature software can help your business improve costs, engagement and productivity.




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