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eSigning is an essential part of many digital transactions

Learn to manage workflows better. How will you use eSigning? 



Paperless and Paper-Lite Solutions

We provide the broadest and deepest range of electronic signing solutions in the market. As specialists in e-Signing, e-Identity and e-Forms, we can advise on the best technologies for your use cases. All our solutions are designed with the highest UK and EU standards foremost, more secure and more local (with all capabilities enabled to run 100% within our client's workflows or from UK/EU based servers).

From our portfolio of partners, three broad solution types cover the majority of uses (contact us if you have other requirements):


1. Paperless no-stylus-needed workflows

More choice of Signatures      eSignAnyWhere logo

With eSignAnyWhere it's easy to get documents signed and closed business on any device. The signer gets an email with a link to your document and signs on a smartphone, tablet, or any web browser without the need to download anything. You can have multiple signers and get them to sign in the order you need.

We support the widest range of electronic signing methods on one platform, so you do not need to decide in advance what will suit clients best for all different use cases. One common server integration supports all signature types:Send Doc for Signature

  • simple signatures (Click2Sign, Draw2Sign, Type2Sign)
  • certificates for signing
  • biometric signatures (with stylus or finger).

In combination with authentication (e.g. OTP-SMS) we support Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES) and with integration with the Trust Center we offer Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) too.

We support the delegation of signatures (in which a user forwards a signature task to someone else), parallel signing (two or more signers signing in parallel), and bulk-signing (the ability to sign more than one signature field at once).


How is it used?

Sending is done with just a few clicks:

Signing is easy for the recipient:
  • Start a new envelope (a container used to send one or more documents for signature).
  • Signers receive an email with a link to the document.
  • Add documents.
  • Add recipients.
  • They click the link.
  • If uploading a PDF document with form fields, the fields are automatically detected.
  • There is no need to download or sign up for anything.
  • Place tags/markers in the document for signatures, attachments and other info.
  • They may have to further authenticate themselves.
  • Add your subject and the message for the email.
  • They can review and print the document or complete form fields and add attachments.
  • Set recipient options, reminders, expirations, and more.
  • Whenever they are ready, they sign using:
    • a mouse, or
    • stylus, or
    • smartphone, or
    • "Click to sign", or
    • "Type to sign"

from any web-enabled device.

  • Send the envelope/document for signature.


Discover more Click to discover eSAW major features and benefits


2. Handwritten Paperless

 - biometric eSignature Platform trusted by millions of users 

Organisations requiring the best functionality for handwritten e-signature capture, verification and enterprise workflows use SIGNificant. Handwritten biometric electronic signatures improve legal effectiveness, security and customer adoption. The key process steps are:

1. electronic signature - bu sign hover en Forensically identifiable digital signatures captured with tablet-PCs, Slate-PCs, iPad and Android devices and signature-pads.
2. digital signature - bu control hover en Pre-define signature fields, fill-in form fields, handle attachments, textual and handwritten additions, password protect, etc.
3. electronic signature - bu verification hover en Verify captured electronic signature biometrically in real-time or later. Check signature consistency against known samples.
4. digital signature - bu protect hover en Secure both the digital signature and document content with encrypted signature data sealed with the document.

electronic signature - capture signature        c2linkarrow     digital signature - signing workflow control        c2linkarrow      electronic signature - signature verification       c2linkarrow      electronic signature - Protect document

These steps can be set within many different process types across an organisation, from a simple 'stand alone' process to tightly integrated into cross-Enterprise workflow processes. Choose the tailorable elements that best suit each individual business process with variable security thresholds, user interfaces, etc - all of which can be deployed on a mix-and-match basis with a single integrated scaleable back-end platform. 

To achieve these functions, clients can choose from a rich selection of features  (hover over each for more info).......

SIGNificant Feature Overview

Electronic Signature - Handwritten Signature Capturing (Forensically identifiable) 19 (65x65) (2)

Handwritten Signature Capturing
(Forensically Identifiable)

Digital Signature - Supports signature pads tablet PCs iPad Android tablets payment terminals 40 (65x65) (2)

Device Independent: Choice of  
multiple hardware

PKI-based Digital Signatures 44 PKI-based Digital Signatures Electronic Signature - Adobe Acrobat compatible PDF 8 Adobe Acrobat compatible PDF
Electronic Signature - Fill out and sign PDF forms 3 (65x65) Fill out and sign PDF forms Digital Signature - Typewriter 13 (65x65) (2) Typewriter
Digital Signature - Add attachments 12 Add attachments Electronic Signature - Signature Logo Identity/Signature verification
Electronic Signature - Control all steps in the signing process 2 (65x65) (2) Control all steps in the signing process Digital Signature - Implementing Policies 4 Implementing Policies
Digital Signature - Watermarking Watermarking Electronic Signature - Flatten PDF 43 (65x65) Flatten PDF
Electronic Signature - Document Binding 48 (65x65) Document Binding Digital Signature - Content Protection 17 Content Protection
Digital Signature - Extensive integration possibilities 6 (65x65) (2) Extensive integration possibilities Electronic Signature - Customisation 49 (65x65) (2) Customisation
Electronic Signature - Cloud 1 (329x329) (65x65) On-premises or Cloud-based Digital Signature - Offline Capabilities Offline Capabilities

And many more....

Discover more Click to discover solutions for:

     e-Sign Capture Desktop-Tablet-PC      e-Sign Capture iPad-Android     e-Sign Capture Web-based     Electronic Signature verifications



3. Paper-Lite solutions - ClipBoard

For organisations that absolutely feel they need a paper copy, whether for regulatory, legal (almost none now), cultural or no-training implementation reasons, our solutions offer the ideal hybrid to a fully digital experience. Using specialist dual nib combined Stylus-Ink pens, simultaneous paper and digital originals are available both locally and across the whole organisation.

Clipboard - NHS Paper Form to Digital on Mobile - Small     

Discover more  Click to discover more about ClipBoard 


We can provide a range of other capabilities including static image signature recognition and processing, signature-related process automation and sophisticated composition of documents/forms. Talk with us about your next project.



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