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Content Template Design

Design content templates for all types of media output using a single template approach. This approach makes it straightforward to create documents and varied content whether for print or electronic use. Icon tools enable powerful reprocessing of existing content with the population and/or construction of re-usable templates with a common repository, linked to enterprise systems via flexible connectors. These can often enable savings of up to 90% of the number of existing templates in use across organisations, yet provide greater functionality.

One of Icon Suite’s core design concepts is to enable the reuse of ‘single elements’ throughout all the templates (for instance corporate logo should be changed only once for all the templates). The object oriented template architecture even allows reusing elements with different attributes depending on the context. For example the same text paragraph can be used in more than one template with a different explanation text.

The modules in this category comprise:

Document Template Design

Flexibly construct powerful multi-media WYSIWYG templates

icon/Server is the repository (database with access modules for all platforms and supported database types) and exports documents from the document pool for batch formatting and further processing. It can generate realtime documents without user interaction (eg for web applications, immediate fax, email, local print, etc).

It contains the necessary application logic and works closely with other modules such as icon/Dialog (the graphical user interface). This (and other icon tools) needs only a very small systems footprint which can enable large savings in hardware, software and space.

icon/Admin is the powerful Front-End client for the administration of all document resources in the repository, such as text components, document templates, menu items, composition rules, fonts, images, signatures, overlays etc. Available functions can be limited by roles and rules.

Look and feel is similar to the User-GUI in icon/Dialog including graphical component editor (WYSIWYG). icon/Admin is always a Fat Client. It can be used to control available functionality to different users via rights management.

icon Connectors are a range of systems interconnect tools that enable some of the most common types of data exchange. These include XML, XOM and RFC. For example,

  • icon/XMLConnect represents the interface between client-specific XML requests from any system and the XML structure which Icon Suite needs. Using this module gives the possibility to convert any XML data stream into a XML structure which is comprehensible for Icon Suite.
  • icon/XOMConnect is a java program that accepts spool requests from a SAP system, forwards it to icon/Server and reports the print status back to the SAP spool system via the official BC-XOM protocol.
  • icon/RFCConnect allows calling Icon-Suite out of a SAP RFC component. Moreover it is possible for Icon Suite to make a call-back in order to collect data from SAP over RFC interface.

These are certified officially by SAP and our functionality complements and enhances parts of that which SAP touches.

icon/Flow is a flexible, process-based workflow solution for document development and administration processes for:

  • controlling and monitoring document administrative tasks
  • automation of different tasks

Different roles like application developer, document designer, tester, etc can be defined.

icon/Flow can be used for different purposes, such as enabling the “four-eyes” principle or data transport over repository boundaries. icon/Flow keeps track of any changes on objects and supports escalation in case of problems.

Ongoing Support There are also a range of services that enable clients to get the best out of their icon investment. As you would expect, we have a range of tools that assist in that process which Clients can utilise for themselves or can ask us to supply a service which utilises them. One such tool is icon/Stacc. This provides statistics and accounting for created documents.

You can use icon/Stacc in order to optimize repository content by removing non-referenced objects. icon/Stacc gives valuable information for example about how often components or document templates are added, used or dropped while generating a document.

Content Templates and Document Templates enable content re-use and document consistency across the organisation, yet without the traditional drawbacks of inflexible systems.

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