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Lifecycle Interaction Platform

Business agility through digitising & automating processes

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Responding to urgent information needs at scale need not be a crisis 

Improving business agility is on every organisation’s agenda. This extraordinary period has accelerated the need to introduce fast and effective change to existing processes.

Agile change is a crucial requirement that you might not be well placed to deliver. Back office systems designed for accuracy, reliability and security may not be designed to quickly adapt and accommodate change. Resources to implement change may be scarce or unavailable, while customers and citizens often demand instant answers.

There is a solution – Lifecycle Interaction Platform (LIP), a process automation system used by leading businesses and European Governments to introduce improved business processes and agility.

LIP enables core systems to be quickly connected with your users and citizens. Crucially, it can be deployed to deliver changed or new services in days or weeks at a fraction of alternative costs.

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Because it is not rip and replace, we start with what you have and add only what you need. Investments in existing systems and trained staff can then be leveraged. 

We avoid traditional 'analysis paralysis' and months of consultant time to map processes. We build working systems fast, systems that record every action - which automatically builds quantified process flows based on real-life interactions, not assumptions.

It uses automation and digitisation to combine applications, databases, forms, feeds, communications, e-signing and archiving across the enterprise. Along with an unlimited user license, it is ideally suited to assist both short-term initiatives (e.g. COVID-19 changes) and longer-term objectives of improved operational agility and customer experience.

Benefits: -

* Advanced interfaces for two-way data exchange, manipulation and visibility means LIP is ideal for fast integration of organisational systems such as for ERP (e.g. SAP), CRM (e.g. Salesforce), HR (e.g. Workday), Financial (e.g. Sage), etc. 

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Why is LIP different?

We digitise your documents, integrate  systems and automate existing processes to provide efficiency benefits far sooner that traditional solutions. Real-time visibility of any information (on a roles and permissions basis) in any connected system for those who need it,  without copy-paste and eliminating the need for email with attached spreadsheets/documents/etc. You can then continue to optimise further, or change a process based on real-life usage stats, without disrupting users.

Rapid Project Payback: By the time you would have otherwise spent weeks and thousands on documenting existing processes and planning any changes, you could have deployed at least one LIP use case for vital business response.

Want improvements?

If delivering changing services is on your agenda, we need to talk in more depth about how LIP can provide business agility and accelerate your future plans.

To find out how you can improve your business process, Contact us or try our free tools...


Digital Maturity Model

Digitally mature organisations adapt to change faster than their peers. So, a Maturity Model is a good starting point as a backdrop to reviewing changes, particularly if thinking of a move to digital or upgrading digital capabilities.

Our Digital Maturity Model shows your standing against your peers on key metrics and insights into where improvements might be made.

Your DMM level indicates what is most feasibile as 'next steps' and scope - to help avoid the common trap of failed IT projects, Over-Reach.

Start your transformation journey here; It's easy and FREE. 


Return on Investment (ROI) Model

After the DMM, our ROI model can give further insights to 'is it worth the effort?'

Quite simply, the ROI model compares the current costs of doing things with an upgraded digital capabililty.

For instance, the savings that might be made on printing, postage, meetings, or repetitive manual tasks if things could be done electronically.

By inputting some of your current metrics into the model you can see if there is a big enough benefit in pursuing your digital transformation ideas.

Most organisations see an ROI within months; Assess what yours is...

Assess Your Maturity


Assess Your ROI

Digital Maturity Assessment  

ROI Calculator

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