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Document Creation

Woman in Call CentreNon-IT staff, from Call Centre Agents to Field Sales Consultants, can create electronic or paper communications with the same system and templates. Consistency is greatly enhanced using an object oriented template architecture and reusable elements.

Uses are diverse and examples include the creation of:

  • Individual correspondence from a user application
  • Documents from a selection menu
  • Automated correspondence from a user application
  • Documents from web applications
  • Offline documents from a Sales or Mobile application

Documents need to comply with various business, legal and compliance requirements. At the heart of the Icon-Suite is a core of modules that allow users to interactively create documents with just the right amount of corporate control whilst interfacing to your line of business applications, thus enabling the creation of high volumes of output very efficiently:

  • With the system a user, for example, may choose a letter from a given number of templates. An administrator has already predefined where in the letter the user is permitted to enter individual text.
  • Icon-Suite supports you when you are generating automated correspondences based on your special application systems, whether you are using batch printing for a large number of documents or creating documents for distribution via the internet.
  • You are free to define and set the degree of automation desired: letters that are entirely individual, or complex rule-based documents utilising appropriate process models.
  • In addition, this core has been extended to allow the features of interactive document creation to be available off line, ideal for mobile sales forces that need to collect customer information and then produce structured quality documents based on this.

The document creation modules are:

icon/Dialog is the WYSIWYG text editor for interactive and background document generation, based on existing customer data. Icon/Dialog has MS Word like functionality covering almost 90% of typical uses, yet with a far more efficient systems overhead.

It can be launched as fat, web or thin client technology. The former can be desktop PC, Notebook, or Laptop. The web client uses a Java Applet and the thin client can be directly embedded in Java based business applications. It has communication modules for all typical IT platforms including TCP/IP, HTTP, MQ, CICS, IMS, etc.

icon/Designer allows the administration and processing of forms. A form is the page-wise approach to document composition (without text flowing to the following page).

Input fields in forms can be entered in user mode. Interactive forms support the integration of existing data sources to content enhancements.

icon/Desktop enables the integration of archived documents into customer correspondence using drag and drop, whether just a selection or the whole document. Thus it bridges the live and archive systems without any media discontinuity (too often seen elsewhere with manual interventions or user ‘print and collate’). The new document with attachments can be sent by email or other electronic means, or even printed. All can be archived using metadata to avoid double storage and save memory.

Documents may be as varied as those created by Word or icon Suite, PowerPoint presentations or graphical images within documents. The attached pages can be sorted or manipulated, i.e. whitening, blackening and elevating areas, or typing notes/annotations added. It is efficiency booster for almost every employee.

Read the Outgoing Mail Example

icon/TextOptimizer is used for quality management during the administration of individual text while producing a document.

icon/TextOptimizer pays attention to Corporate Wording and checks contents for compliance to policy or standards in terms of factors such as word length, sentence length, choice of words and comprehensibility.

icon/Mobile is a decentralized version of Icon Suite, without the need for a central database connection. The Repository and Document Databases are included, enabling offline use. These are easily synchronised with the central databases once the user has the opportunity to do so, and maintenance can be done all at once.

icon/Mobile is ideal for use by field staff members, maintenance engineers or other mobile workers.

Having created documents the Icon-Suite offers a significant range of output formats.

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