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Document Management Systems

For document & content creation with managed output options across organisations, buyers are faced with a dilemma:

SELF PROVISIONING systems (eg MS Word) are easy to install, use and are highly flexible - but can lead to islands of disconnected content and lack of efficiency, especially as organisational size increases.  

ENTERPRISE CONTROL focused systems provide high levels of content re-use, security, records management and workflow lifecycle enablement - but too often inflexible, costly to update and lack personalisation features.

There are many types of systems are available, usually optimised for one use type (eg Bulk Print, or Interactive-Online). Large organisations have been found to typically have at least six different systems (and often 15+). The ideal solution is one that combines the functionality and advantages of a suite of use-specific systems, with the efficiency, coherence and ease of management of a single system. Icon solutions can offer that balance with powerful yet re-useable capabilities within an integrated suite, or provide add-on functionality to patch the areas lacking.

Efficiently managing business communications, icon Suite offers broad enterprise functionality for real-time interactive as well as batch print and on-demand web applications, such as customer correspondence and self-service solutions.  Whether you want to support high-volume production environments or call centre agents, this single platform powerfully serves your customers with multi-lingual, multi-channel, multi-media and multi-use functionality for world class performance.

The icon Suite four broad types of use:

document template design

Content Template Design

Content Template Design modules are used by knowledgeable, system-skilled staff - prior to a user creating a specific final document. A cross-departmental approach enables the population, or construction, of powerful re-usable templates across the enterprise with a single common repository. Flexible connectors allow the easy integration of other systems (eg SAP). These maximise the easy re-purposing of authorised content, whilst allowing unique text input (within business rules) at the point of creation of individual documents.

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document creation

Document Creation

Document Creation modules
are mostly used at the point of creation of an electronic or paper communication ( or batch of ) and can be efficiently used by non-IT staff,  such as Call Centre agents. Administrative staffs are  supported by business rules that are encapsulated in the content design with the same document templates and content elements.

Additionally,  there is a mobile version that allows Field Sales and other staff to use the same system with synchronisation to the one central system when they are able to connect.

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output management

Output & Archive

Output Management & Archive modules provide rich and scaleable engines for all output types from print to automated e-forms. Industrial strength software enables error free parallel processed­ at volumes exceeding 1 million formatted documents per hour. Post-processing capabilities allow single documents to avail of the same benefits as automated bulk production. Sophisticated document control can route documents to the optimum output devices and channels. Archiving functionality enhances the future easy retrieval as required.

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Content Integration

Content Integration

Content Integration modules offer a powerful, fast and inexpensive information management solution to extract most value from existing investments in an agile manner via a service-oriented architecture. They allow Enterprise Content Integration - the viewing and assembly of all necessary documents wherever they exist across the organisation (including archive), together with processes, data and tasks to support client case management lifecycles. This enables faster turnaround, reduced paper storage and increased security.

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These modular groupings are known as DOPiX (DOcument Platform in eXcellence) for the first modules and COPiX (Content Platform in eXcellence) for the Content Integration modules. Collectively they are the icon Suite.

DOPiX and COPiX from icon are specifically designed to support virtually any communication channel. Its comprehensive multi-channel capabilities allow business users to streamline output to print, fax, PDF, e-mail or even XML for industry messaging standards. It is the single-platform solution that allows you to support all modes of usage (batch, interactive and online), any number of channels, languages and brands, all from a single set of rules and a single document template.

All modules are designed to be: Easy to use and integrate; low training requirements; flexible and scalable; configurable locally or centrally; hardware independent; open standards based; multi-lingual support; and optimise the user experience whilst enabling the right amount of corporate control whatever the channel.

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