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Content Integration

COPiXicon/COPiX provides a powerful, inexpensive and fast content and information management solution to extract most value from existing investments. Encompassing Input Management, Search/Retrieve and Case Management Workflow enforcement, this advanced technology cuts through the old integration barriers of large data volumes, diversity of sources and live versus archive versions of content and documents.

COPiX provides a holistic view through:

  • fast access to existing sources through ready-made “connectors”
  • provision of content to both users and other systems in transparent layers
  • the ability to preserve the integrity of existing systems, rather than needing costly data migration
  • tools to enable the enhancement of existing applications with document format conversion, digital signatures and records management capabilities.

Evolution rather than revolution means “integration without any surprises”. The alternative experience for organistions struggling to solve information accessibility issues through the combined deployment of ECM, BPM and ERP software is that these complex projects can prove expensive, insufficiently integrated and, at worst, unworkable. COPiX deployments show users that their IT has evolved with sophistication, leaving them less likely to revolt!

There are four key areas of functionality in the COPiX case management capabilities:

Integration and federation

integration federationOne of the biggest challenges facing large organisations is that of maximising the use of captured information, whether structured or unstructured rapidly, effectively and efficiently ­ to support sales, service and compliance needs.

Many organisations have huge investment, mostly intangible, in information silos, traditional databases, enterprise content management systems and automated workflow processes.

All too often the consequences of missing timely views of vital pieces of information, available within the enterprise bounds but not readily accessible, are experienced ­ perhaps leading to an apologetic letter, a missed sales opportunity, a lost service customer, or, at worst, a major compliance or legal claim.

Such issues can be minimised, if not eliminated, if all corporate wide relevant information can be made available at a single decision point.

Integration of such data sources can be achieved and presented in a federated, safe presentation to those who need it. But cost and time constraints are such that many organisations cannot contemplate such an investment... until now... and without the need for the usual constraining factors of data movement, transformation or significant legacy investment write-off.

Internal user experience

user experianceWhether key staff are involved in sales or service activities, job satisfaction and personal performance is closely geared to the information they are given and the ease of access to key facts, past documents and a complete picture of all interactions pertinent to their customers. Without such information, frontline staff cannot perform efficiently, cannot fully represent the organisation’s capability, and are a potential open door to litigation and regulatory exposure.

A unified, logical view with easy integration into existing workflows is now possible for business critical staff for a fraction of the cost and time to implement, which have historically often been punitive...

Content automation

content automationThe capture of so many strands of information and making them readily available, with safety and consistency, is often hard to contemplate, outside the simplest of schematics, let alone achieve. Yet content automation is the essence of maximising the full value of corporate information.

Combining the power of SAP, ECM, BPM, SharePoint* and other content management tools without investment write-off has been hard to achieve: yet successful combination of such systems is generally recognised as being one of the most powerful strategies an organisation can implement. With the icon toolset it is straightforward to achieve the appropriate and secure content centric workflows desired.

Compliance and analytics

compliance analyticsOne of the major, growing exposures facing organisations is that of legislative action ­ whether generated through lack of regulatory compliance, industry rules or customer action. Failure can be expensive ­ for individual case settlement and with follow-on, adverse public exposure.

Closing such exposures often comes down to two key internal actions: that of stopping them ever arising through strong corporate governance and safely empowered employees; and through careful records and audit management, which can quickly mitigate any potential actions.

Collectively, organisations need to manage all their corporate information fully and with care, making it safe, complete and accessible, with all actions and interactions captured and easily available.

In short

In a sentence, a complete Case Management system that works with rather than replaces current systems and will protect and enhance existing investments. 

To explore how icon’s COPiX Case Management solutions and/or DOPiX Document Management solutions can apply to your organisation, contact us to discuss how to leapfrog existing information management initiatives.

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