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No Vendor Lock-in

Our range of eSigning solutions are generally device-independent and can be used with a broad range of signature capturing devices from various manufacturers. Some processes require basic signature pads, while others require more advanced devices. Some need minimal networking, others require Enterprise connectivity. And security concerns cover a broad spectrum.

Our solutions address these issues with modular architectures that enable the introduction of new devices by developing small device drivers that do not change the core solution itself. This ensures easy support and upgrades - even the complete exchange of devices with other vendors.

Nevertheless, there are important differences between different device manufacturers. Icon UK only works with the leading providers of reliable, robust and secure equipment. We can provide Mix and Match solutions between vendors where required.



Wacom is the world's leading provider of tablet and stylus pen technologies for the Creative Industries. It leverages this heritage by also being the leading manufacturer of eSigning and eForms tablets, pads and displays. The fundamental difference between these specialist devices and general purpose computing devices is security. Wacom devices have no software, only firmware. So if a device is stolen, even seconds after compelting a transaction on it, there is no data that a thief can access. Similarly there is strong encryptions and a host of functions that make their range important to consider when designing customer journeys and workflows.

Icon UK is Wacom's Premier Integration Partner for the UK. However simple or complex your needs, we can advise on the optimal way to design your solutions (harware, software and networks). To explore:



- a shortlisted range of capture devices, click here                   Wacom 530 Signature Pad


- displays for advertising when not used for signing, click here         wacom pl-2200

- hybrid paper and electronic signing Clipboard, click here   Clipboard - NHS Paper Form to Digital on Mobile - Small                  Wacom logo


Other Vendors

We can provide solutions from the widest range of specialist device manufacturers including Stepover, Zebra, VP Sign, ElcomIngenico and more. These are used in payments, logistics, retail and a great variety of uses.

And of course we also work with almost all general purpose computing device vendors such as Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Microsoft, Dell, etc. for tablets, PCs, smartphones and more. 

Please ask us for further details.



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