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icon Systemhaus GmbH and Icon UK Ltd launch Customer Communications Management Solution for UK Enterprises

 11th Apr 2012

London based company, Icon UK, and Stuttgart based icon Systemhaus GmbH, the major provider of Customer Communications Management (“CCM”) solutions in the German market, today announced the availability and support of their icon Suite based solutions to the UK market. The solutions will enable users to more efficiently manage their customer communications, ensuring accuracy and audit accountability, whilst delivering to an increasing number of smart platforms, as well as saving on traditional large volume batch printing. Online and on paper, icon’s efficient solutions deliver significant returns on investment.

icon’s genesis can be found in the German market a decade ago, from which point it has grown steadily and consistently to become the dominant provider of CCM solutions with a client base market share that includes some 70% of the largest German insurers and 30% of the top banks (including one of the world’s largest).

icon can also demonstrate client highlights where:

  • return on investment has taken less than a year to realise
  • savings of multiple tens of millions per year have been accomplished
  • significant market innovations and competitive advantage have been achieved
  • punitive industry legislation deadlines have been met.

“We have proved from our experiences in Germany that there are significant advantages for our clients in implementing full icon Suite ­ efficiency, effectiveness and, vitally, the enhancement of customer satisfaction,” explains Uwe Seltmann, founder and CEO of icon Systemhaus GmbH. He adds that, “A significant part of our success lies in the adaptability of our solutions, with modules to support most types of delivery channel ­ from batch printing, emails, PDF/A for archiving to Web portals ­ and in the robustness of our software. We are also proud to be able to say that we have retained our entire client base since starting.”

“The availability of the icon Suite in the UK will provide significant flexibility for clients communicating with large customer bases. Servicing multiple channels and tasks with the same degree of accuracy and brand consistency is something that many large enterprises struggle with, whether in confirming policy details submitted across the web, or customer smartphone-based queries or contact centre generation of printed documents”, adds Chris Jones, Icon UK CEO. “But with our solution it is now all possible in a highly cost-effective manner and with the capability of supporting substantial business volumes. This relationship brings a great opportunity to life for leading UK companies.”

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