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Are you a 'forms-centric' Marketing department?

 16th Aug 2017

Marketing Doc Output(1)

If you work in Marketing in the Banking sector, or any other forms-centric Marketing department, you might be familiar with the following scenario…

You’ve sweated the segmentations, massaged the messaging and nuanced the numbers. Now you ‘only’ need to distribute batch communications using personalised customer profiles - but your document templates need amending, appropriate to the campaign. You request these amends from IT but there’s delay after delay as they struggle to find workarounds to suit your needs...
      ........You miss your deadline! (...and the next one too!!)

We know the frustrated cry of “How hard can it be?!" - "I just want to alter some text, insert a few graphics and link segment data to individual documents!!” The chances are that your IT department does not have the tools it needs to efficiently apply the changes requested.

The good news is that we’re here to help. 

Legacy Customer Communications Management System

We know that legacy Customer Communications Management (CCM) systems often compromise marketing agility and undermine customer engagement efforts. This is especially true for organisations with Mainframe systems - with old software such as IBM’s “ASF”, Pitney Bowes “Doc-1”, old versions of Exstream or Microsoft Word, etc.

But there is an alternative system that would not only simplify processes for you, but significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing department.  



DOPiX is an world leading Document Creation and Output Management system for any forms-centric organisation. Its core elements promise important benefits to Marketing users:

 -  Reduce the time for changes from months to minutes

 -  Easy document template construction or change with brand compliance, organisation wide

 -  Most changes can be made by the Marketing Dept., rather than relying on IT

 -  Ability to easily manage cross-sell and up-sell - sophisticated integrations for almost every analytics or CRM system

 -  Add or update text, graphics, images, video and more on a full spectrum omni-channel basis

 -  Encourage a greater audience to engage digitally and with new methods (e.g. Social, SMS, PDF, etc.) by click box options

 -  Dynamically simplify long hierarchical forms based on inputs; only show appropriate fields and context-dependent text. 

And your IT department will like you, as they get to reduce their ‘maintenance’ workload and free up some backlog for more time on interesting activities supporting business goals. Additionally there is:  

  1. No ‘rip and replace’ strategy required – DOPiX fully integrates with your existing ASF system for minimum disruption.
  2. Impressive and long-lasting ROI, thanks to significant labour efficiencies, reduced paper usage, system modernisation and enhanced customer engagement.


DOPiX builds the bridges between the old Systems of Record and the modern Systems of Engagement - all in one system. This 1-minute video will explain a little more about our powerful and modular customer communication platform.

Marketing in Banking

Many of Europe’s highest performing companies are already using our powerful customer communication platform, DOPiX. To further understand how to drive your campaign success, brands Net Promoter Scores and the scale of the organisational opportunity that DOPiX could provide your organisation, contact us today to schedule a health check. 

The 20-minute Health Check

Get insight into what your competitors are using and assess what improvements you could be making with DOPiX. Speak to one of our experts today for a quick, free, no obligation health check.




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