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Which Face-to-Face Meetings are best?

 22nd Nov 2019

As business collaboration technologies become more complex, interactive and reach further, can face-to-face meetings survive and how should organisations plan their customer lifecycle interactions?

The cost pressure for organisations to offer fully automated robotic workflow automation with self-service is huge. Some feel that this should be the only customer option (particularly for low cost services), but others recognise customer frustration with such constraints preferring instead a spectrum of communication methods to accommodate the changing choices of prospective and current customers.     




We all know that travelling to meetings is expensive and time consuming versus online, so what role should face-to-face meetings play?

1. Clearly communicating goals and objectives

Face-to-face meetings allow for clearer communication than over telephone, IM chat, forms-driven or email methods of contact. In addition to being able to read facial expressions, body language and inflection, face-to-face meetings (whether remote or physically together) often end up being more positive - and considered more credible than other online conversations.

Without non-verbal cues, one also risks misinterpreting information. In fact, 60% of people regularly misread tone or message when communicating via email or phone.

Net? Talking trumps typing.


2. Bonding and relationship building


3. Millennials aren’t anti-social! 


4. Face-to-face meetings are more focused and more productive



5. Technology helps improve our ability to meet, not replace it.


6. Smart Meeting technologies as alternatives to physical co-location





Face-to-Face is best for some, but not all, uses





What impact do virtual F2F Meetings have versus in-person?





Face-to-Face will always matter. It’s the winners that will use the optimum mix of physical in-person meetings with web-based Smart Meetings for essential face-to-face interactions as part of enhancing relationships within an overall multi-channel approach to revenue generation, cost control and lifetime customer value.


What Next?

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