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When large businesses use a Travel Management Company (a.k.a. a “TMC”) for their corporate travel needs, it’s because as a minimum, they want the travel booking, advisory and compliance processes to be more efficient, accurate and secure. But there is also a premium for those that offer excellent traveller understanding, engagement and care.

We’re aware of some common challenges that face travel management companies which can compromise the value chain:

1. Demonstrating excellent personal service for each traveller, whilst also efficiently achieving Corporate client cost and SLA goals. For example, one dilemma is finding the right balance of on-site ‘implant operations’ for face-to-face service but at higher cost, versus a fully remote service.

2. Delayed sign off's from clients can lead to missed deadlines, higher costs or competitor wins. Whilst many TMCs have mobile business travel app’s, too often multiple internal sign-offs and process disconnects compound busy traveller schedule pressures.  

    3. Duty of Care obligations are more than ensuring compliance to corporate policy. It’s also more than tracking travellers in real time for incident communications and safety. It’s about enabling travel trade-offs, showing empathy and knowledge during service delivery, and being responsive. The more complex the requirement, the more challenging this becomes.

    These challenges can be easily and cost effectively alleviated with smarter customer communications technologies. One is described below.


    SuiteBox is a revolutionary digital workspace that brings together content from live web-video meetings, including video, voice, text, screen sharing, electronic signing, etc., with the ability to automatically record anything shown, shared or signed.

    This enables any Advisory interaction to be compliantly recorded without the costs and delays of physical travel to engage face-to-face. Remote face-to-face is timely and efficient. See the graphical functionality summary. All this in one integrated easy to use package! 

    Any device. Any time. Anywhere.
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    I’m a Travel Management Company; what can SuiteBox do for me?

    It’s takes a lot to drive exceptional customer experience based loyalty, but comprehensive features for web-meet collaboration include:

    • Provide a ‘virtual meeting room’ – this offers a convenient and secure alternative when face to face meetings aren’t an option - so the customer experience needn’t be compromised or actions delayed.

    • Offer real-time screen sharing. Don’t let indecisive customers drag out the process - walk them through various options on the shared screen for meaningful comparison, advice, decision, instant sign-off and approval.

    • Instant authentication – no more waiting for signed documents to be returned; get it booked and confirmed via on-screen e-signature authenticator. 

    • Avoid client disputes or miscommunications – all calls and videos can be recorded for audit purposes or to view at a later date should you need to. Travellers can review details when convenient to their schedule.
    How is it different to Skype et al?

    Unlike many other video call products, SuiteBox can be tightly integrated into your organisation’s existing systems. Rebrand to your organisation’s logo and feel.

    Additionally, the ‘online signing’ function is totally unique to SuiteBox. 

    Then the ability to record both on-screen content and live persons is a top capability.

    Add to that the secure records room perpetually available on a unique URL, a host of functionality and bank-grade enterprise security; it's no wonder that it's being described as the future of customer communications.


    Doesn’t the client need to have SuiteBox too? 

    No. The beauty of this system is its simplicity. No downloads necessary. Everything is handled by the client’s browser and our back-end systems.

    By removing your customer’s headaches, you remove yours too. Embrace the digital revolution to stay agile, efficient and most importantly, competitive.


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