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We know that part of your organisation is running this IBM mainframe-based technology.

On 30th September 2017 IBM terminated support for it's Application Support Facility ("ASF") software, its once flagship document creation and output management system. However you are using this in one or more places for mass customer correspondence, interactive enquiries and contact centre operations to communicate with your customers.

After decade(s) of running, your organisation is now one of the last users of this unsupported mainframe software!!

As we believe this affects you, we’re reaching out...

By viewing this page, we know your organisation is probably still running this technology. That means operational risk, operational inefficiencies, higher cyber risk, customer frustration and reputational impact. That should be everyone's concern, not just that of IT! 

Why you shouldn’t ignore it

By choosing to ignore it, your organisation is compromising its ability to recover a potential system failure, whilst risking substantial fines as a result of running unsupported software and failing to make the necessary changes (such as to communicate with customers clearly, or insert regulatory approved graphical illustrations).

Initially a low risk, the risk increases with every passing month. System re-platforming can take years. Without change, the probable outcomes will include a significant change in workload, an excessive increase in operational costs and a substantial proportion of dissatisfied customers leaving.

And it could get worse. Organisations like RBS*, NHS** and Delta Airlines*** realised too late the costs of failing to move off obsolete software which has resulted in closing operations (system unavailability through inability to recover from fall-backs, ransomware, etc.), regulatory fines and reputational loss. Even if disaster is a near-miss, operational inefficiencies and unresponsive IT degrades competitive position.


Did you know that Icon’s DOPiX software is the only recommended successor of ASF? 

DOPiX offers a fast and simple migration and due to its unique compatibility with ASF, upgrades are as easy as switching one off and the other on (after configuration) – with virtually no testing required. 

We've compiled a summary of the basic ROI case for replacing ASF with DOPiX based on how to reduce the risks inherent in different approaches and improvements in operational efficiency.

Click to download:        WP Image - Case for reducing ASF risks with DOPiX.PNG                            

What can you do now?

A common problem is identifying who is responsible for resolving this - and who will pay. And it's not unusual for many (even in IT) to be unaware that they run on ASF, as the system is often internally referred to by another name(e.g. Policyholder Communications System, Customer Interface Program, etc.), especially if integrated with other system types. Iternal politics can get in the way and your systems may be outsourced with restrictive contracts. 

The good news is that Icon has successfully moved more clients from ASF to modern platforms than any other vendor. By involving our consultants, we can help you determine the level of risk, mitigation options and change management approaches. Ask about how we can help, or review some other start points....


To help to avoid or lessen the impact of unsupported ASF systems, you can:

1. Understand the nature of the Risk: see our Risk Register and Cost Summary starter:     Click here for more

2. Understand the opportunity to upgrade to state-of-the-art Omni-Channel:                      One Minute video  

3. Forward this to your relevant colleague and/or Chief Risk Officer:                                      Forward this           

4. Contact IT to ascertain the organisation’s plans for IBM mainframe and ASF:                   Useful link               

5. Discuss your options including a free health-check assessment:                                         Contact Icon UK


...Ignore it, sell any company shares and move to an unaffected competitor!



DOPiX: ASF's only recommended successor - no other approach is as easy, quick or guaranteed. 
Icon’s DOPiX software offers a fast and simple migration. Due to its unique compatibility with ASF, upgrades are easy with virtually no testing required. The most experienced ASF migration team globally is waiting to help you.




RBS: In 2012 RBS customers were unable to access their accounts for days when a glitch in a batch process scheduler ended with 12 million customer accounts being frozen for a week or more. RBS, NatWest and the Ulster Bank customers suffered from no access to funds. In December 2013 – on the busiest shopping day of the year – IT problems stopped customers making online and card payments.

** NHS: In May 2017 NHS England was hit with a major ransomware cyber-attack, focused on outdated software, rendering many of its IT systems offline and forcing many trusts to cancel operations and warn patients to remain at home unless an emergency.

*** Delta Air Lines: A technical glitch (August 2016) forced Delta to cancel about 2,300 flights, annoying passengers and forcing the company to cut its profit guidance for the third quarter. The problems came about after backup systems failed to kick in during a disruption to the power supply at its Atlanta technology centre. Once power was restored, the back-end reservation system could not connect properly with the check-in and boarding system for several hours.

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