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Icon UK's Biometric eSignature Forgery Challenge with KPMG Future Leaders

Icon UK's Biometric eSignature Forgery Challenge

This week, Future Leaders of the London Insurance Market participated in our for-fun forgery competition whilst considering the potential for biometric e-signature solutions in various London Market processes. Fledgling forgers (a.k.a. ‘market professionals’) tried to beat our biometric signature recognition system.

With many people having multiple attempts at forging one or more signatures, approximately 100 attempts were made. Of these, just 12 people recorded any scores (i.e. above 0%) with the average personal best attempt of these scoring in the 30%-40% range, some with a little coaching and learning from co-conspirators.

Of course no-one came anywhere near the genuine signers’ 96%-99% scores, nor the specially lowered threshold of 85% for a Tablet-winning 'green light' surprise, but we did have two people with a best attempt above 50% - one of whom won with 58%.

And the winner of the Icon UK Biometric eSignature Forgery Challenge is...

Chaymae Lougmani prizewinnerChaymae’s best signature forgery was 58% similar to her chosen specimen signature. Not enough to beat the system (as if!), but enough to secure her a Wacom Bamboo Fineline 2 creative stylus.

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It's wasn't a surprise to us that no-one was able to beat our system. This technology is tested by professional forgers and is itself the winner in it's class in international signature forgery competitions. Thankfully no changes of career likely for our participants, but perhaps some practical ideas on how to innovate to improve their current roles.  


See the short introduction to the Competition and essential real-time identification concepts



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eSignatures: FAQ's at the Future Leaders Event                                Paperless Signing

Where else is this technology used?

Over one hundred million signatures are processed using this software across Europe annually across almost every industry. In the UK, Carphone Warehouse uses it in all retail stores for on-boarding new client contracts in a paperless workflow, Next Retail uses it for certifying employee and contractor training and the Government's DWP uses real-time recognition in all Job Centres since last year to combat benefit fraud at the point of claiming.

"I'm bad at signatures"

A common perception in young Millennials, but you would be surprised at how quickly one can form a repeatable signature. In case of difficulties, why not try starting with just your initials - or a smiley face? These can work for most purposes or try some focused advice.

Why do genuine signers not score 100%?

Human signers are not machines and when measured accurately enough will always sign differently on one or more of our multiple measurements sampled up to 230 times per second through the signature deposition. Whilst the difference in the different signatures of genuine signers may be imperceptibly to the eye, the software knows that it is the same person as the formation rhythm pattern match is high. This means that the right person receives a green light, whereas fakers can be identified in real-time, making processes more secure and preventing fraud entering the system. Our approach is classed as a 'dynamic biometric', which is more secure than 'static biometrics' such as face and fingerprint which have the frailty that once a profile is known, it is permanently compromised.  

Are e-signatures legally accepted and regulatory compliant?

SIGNificant is designed for global compliance with the key components of worldwide e-Signature and eCommerce regulations such as the European Directive 1999/93 EC on a Community Framework for Electronic Signatures, UK Electronic Communication Act, U.S. ESIGN Act, eIDAS, etc. Also compliant with rules from the FDA, FCA, FTC FHA, IRS, and FINRA, among many others.

The technology carries the highest possible legal weight and forensic proofs. As an example, in Italian courts if a claim arises where a document was signed with our biometric e-signature solution and the defendant can produce just the signed PDF, then there is allowed reversal of the burden of proof meaning that the claimant has to prove why reliable technology has not worked on the occasion in question (hence deterring false claims). In the UK and beyond, the technologies not only provide admissibility as an advanced and qualified electronic signature, but uniquely is also interpreted as a "handwritten signature in electronic form" - and thus capable of being used by Notaries unlike many other market formats of eSignature.

What hardware can I use?

We deploy on smartphones, tablets, desktops and specialist pads like the Wacom one used at the event, together with 10"-50"+ Colour/Interactive Pen Displays, Payment Terminals, etc. Find out more.

Do you have more detailed information like whitepapers?

Yes! We have plenty of information. You can find these White Papers here, but please ask us if you cannot find what you are looking for.


Man 2 Displays - Significant and Security pages (600x386)

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