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Business Success

Implementation Services - Making it happen

We've worked with you to identify the opportunity; we've both signed-off on the business case; now it's time to make it happen.

Key amongst your concerns must be the certainty of getting the results. Far too-many IT implementations are beset with process, cultural or technical difficulties. Fortunately, we know where the risks lie in implementations of this nature. We respect them and manage or mitigate them in a structured approach. Frankly, if you do not sufficiently understand, plan and manage around the risk of poor implementation, you should discount the ROI case!

It is too common that our competitors’ products are not used to their full potential. We aim to increase your ROI with our projects not only in the short term but over the system's lifetime.

Using our experience we will deploy a multi-disciplinary team that will work with you, in shared goals mode, to execute on a detailed implementation plan. This will address stakeholder management, clear scope linked to business benefits, change management as well as the design, implementation and deployment of the enhanced system and processes, including training.

Icon solutions have 100% customer retention through providing extra-ordinary levels of skill and attention to detail in implementation. This married with a business-outcome focus and risk-management framework makes for delivery with certainty.

We do all this to challenging yet realistic timescales, so you can reap most benefit.

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