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Icon has created a MasterClass video series, in conjunction with the Telegraph media group's Business Reporter team, focused on the challenge of balancing customer acquisition, service and fraud management in high-value complex services. We discuss problems, solution functionalities and platforms, overcoming challenges, the internal dialogue and ROI. This page helps you to plan how best to explore the topic further.

In the Series, Chris Jones, Icon's Managing Director, stresses that when considering improvements to combat fraud or support digital business, there should always be a clear sight of the impact of any change on all other organisational processes and client implications on an end-to-end basis. This touches many functions and processes - often needing flexibility in the order undertaken and content displayed. Consider whether you wish to improve one or a few selected tasks or stages in your customer workflows, or the entire lifecycle as the scope for a change project.

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When organisations use Smart Meetings technologies within End-to-end processes, the difference experienced can be huge:

  •  Customer satisfaction and operational efficiency gains of 10x
  •  Scaling-up of platform-enabled volumes 
  •  Reducing fraud to easily manageable levels.

But an organisation needs to be able to manage the change. There are many factors to bear in mind here, and an organisation's level of digital maturity is an important one. Considered project scoping is another, starting with an "MVP-like" approach to promote fast and agile improvements linked to projected business returns. The technology environment is of course an important driver of effort; the amount of change will be greater if some processes are still paper based when straight-through (hands free) processing is the goal, for example. All need to be assessed, without 'boiling the ocean'.

The Masterclass sets the context of the problems, potential solutions and implementation cconsiderations; the mini-tool selections below provide some possible starting points for you to assess how your organisation might improve its processes and functionality to balance Customer Acquisition, Service & Fraud Control in your higher value or complex service provision.


What should I do next?

Try these to prepare your thinking:

1. Video Sessions: If you have not yet seen the Series, click here Icon UK_Masterclass_Intro.png


      [or here for BR/Telegraph hosted site]


2. Tools: Free tools to assist internal dialogue:Priorities Survey icon

a) Improvement Priorities Survey  

    (see how your digital priorities assessment compares) 

     Click here to start the survey                                       


b) Digital Maturity Matrix (DMM) assessment Digital Maturity Model - Pyramid.png

     (see where you currently sit relative to your peers)                                                                                         
     Click here to complete the DMM assessment


c) ROI CalculatorCalculator.png

Use this simplified ROI Calculator to see if your organisation would benefit from using Smart Meetings. What's the pay back or Business case? 

Enter your data into this free (intro level) ROI assessment calculator.



3. Read More: For more Fraud Prevention background and links to many resources, see associated links here 


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