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Session 2: Solutions and Capabilities to prevent digital fraud

 In this session, we’ll talk about solutions capabilities that can help combat online fraud and deliver balanced operational excellence.



       Learning Points:

       1. The importance of integrated E2E journeys for compliance & same-session customer completions

       2. Essential Capabilities to consider for your transformational digitisation programme

       3. Strong KYC/Onboarding drives ongoing client authentication and operational excellence   


About this Session:

This session introduces the combination of capabilities that can transform the customer experience while minimising the opportunity for fraud. It explores how these capabilities have a positive impact on the typical customer journey. 

1. The typical customer journey is inefficient and too often frustrating L1 Long-tracking Main Stages v6

In too many current processes, an Advisor or Representative travels to meet Clients, or vice-versa, to discuss complex regulated products and services where ‘knowing the customer’ is important – such as for loans, mortgages or financial investments.

But this has limitations:

In others, parts of these process stages have been made digital but only as discrete work areas (“digital silos”) and the opportunity to transform the entire end-to-end (“E2E”) process has not been taken.


2. What solutions are there to overcome these limitations?

Online Smart Meetings provide facilities to allow the participants to perform the same meetings remotely, for example:

The customer may also be able to self-serve, using Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) assistance to simplify or support the process, where these virtual agents are available 24/7. AI can also help human agents assist customers through sometimes complex transactions, ensuring they follow the correct procedures for compliance and best practice outcomes.

What is a Smart Meeting?

Smart Meetings.png It essentially a virtual meeting room with a range of collaboration tools using a web-video connection.

The remote Advisors can guide customers, as if face-to-face, through choices, decisions and documentation using screen-share whilst automatically gathering ID documentation and evidential recordings of meeting sessions (giving an independent record of the client’s intent and understanding before consenting via eSigning of documents). 

How is ID Document verification completed?

Customers identity can be verified, conveniently, assisted by an automated visual KYC check against identity documents presented to the webcam. 

The documents can also be validated using external reference sources of related customer information on a real-time basis. This gives greater certainty of presented details, strong customer authentication and strong audit trails.

These services offer a robust obstacle and highly visible deterrent for would-be fraudsters who may otherwise take advantage of the anonymity of digital remote processes. Beyond the ‘physical’ ID checks, recording of individuals generally reduces their inclination to lie, exaggerate or misrepresent.


3. How do Smart Meetings help manage the Customer Lifecycle process?

Whilst the complete lifecycle ranges from Marketing to Support, the focus is on how to reduce fraud through three key stages in customer journeys for high value regulated transactions, namely:

i) Suitability or Qualification and then OnboardingL1 Fast-tracking-Main Stages v6

ii) Advice leading to product or services sales

iii) Support through Client Servicing, Administration, Claims and Support processes


Such capabilities enable End-to-End transactions to be undertaken within the SAME MEETING. Why? If you were proving loans, wouldn’t you like to see purchase completion rates for loan applications leap from 3% to over 40%! This scale of transformational impact is repeatable over many sectors and different use cases.

What functionalities help to achieve this?

There are many capabilities that can be used in a Smart Meeting; what you decide to use will depend on the business transactions you perform. Below is a list of features that could be utilised:

Key Features.png

If two or more of these are of interest, you may wish to take a deeper dive to explore further options for your organisation. Some functionalities apply to just one sub-stage area (e.g. “e-Signing” functions for the “Client eSign-up” process, which may itself consist of a series of actions and systems). 

What is important is that all technologies, at least through the critical mid-three stages, talk to each other seamlessly in real-time to enable a ‘straight-through process’ to be accomplished.


4. What is the most common digital transformation blocker?

The Integration overhead is perceived as a prohibitive cost for many, but one that if done well creates a substantial transformation opportunity. There are a variety of new, modern platforms that are designed to remove the systems integration and the ongoing maintenance load for businesses.

L2 Fast-tracking v6


Analyse whether your chosen technology can provide:


5. How can a business identify the solution that suits it best?

Identify and Focus on the high impact areas first:


Take Aways:

      1. Find complete platforms for flexible use over a spectrum of future use cases

      2. Multiple factor biometric identification and webcam onboarding will be standard

      3. Fraud rates can tumble whilst boosting business completions over 10X


WATCH SESSION 3:Icon UK_Masterclass_Session 3.png

Fraud incidents: prevention using video-enabled document and identity management systems -

In the next session we’ll present some use cases that demonstrate how these solutions can prevent fraud and improve customer experience.



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