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iconuk works with clients to unlock step-change cost reductions and business benefits from their business processes and Meetings Management Infrastructure. Meetings with customers usually require documentation of different types and a recording of what transpired in some form. It may also require the capture of more intimate details such as customer identity proofs and future aspirations. Traditionally many systems and steps are used for this, but doing so is inefficient for the company and frustrating for time-poor clients.

Our innovative Smart Meetings solutions support mobile devices and new channels to­ improve operational efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and improve quality and compliance. Meet remotely over web-video, share and edit content, integrate content from live and archive sources, create personalised multi-lingual documents and output on a multi-channel basis, capture identity documentation and biometrics, electronically capture and verify handwritten signatures, etc. Seamlessly process workflows with cost-effective engagement (as recipients prefer).  

Transform your advisory processes with Smart Meetings for all-in-one completions

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Modernise your customer’s experience AND drive efficiencies, reduce travel and offer more choice.


Enable digital transformation: 

Up to 90% time reduction, effectiveness & customer satisfaction NPS gains, with reduced risk. 10X-16X Return on Investment cases, with payback within months.  Key ways of securing payback include:



ROI Calculator

Using a Smartmeeting for your client meetings reduces costs and increases margins, adding to your bottom line almost immediately.
0 100 25
5 50 20
0 100 60%
20 480 60 minutes
Total Savings and Margin increase Annually: £132,300 *

* The indicative bottom line impact is estimated from industry average figures. It is designed to see if it is worth you investing more time investigating a more detailed ROI case. Typical payback is achieved within 1-3 months, with project ROI in excess of 20X.

To gain a more precise insight into the industry data and/or a custom report with a more detailed analysis, ask us for a free ROI Assessment by entering your email/contact details in the form below. We will be delighted to assist you.


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