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Driving out operational savings

We believe that driving out operational efficiency, while directly impacting your bottom-line, should be achieved in tandem with enhanced customer-experience, rather than at the expense of it.

iconuk solutions let you achieve greater efficiency though:

  • a sophisticated information management and document template approach lets you dramatically rationalise the number of templates you have to maintain, but also increases your ability to personalise communications
  • a flexible approvals system (coupled with an intelligent editor) enforces accuracy of letters in terms of customer-information, adherence to policy and proper sign-off
  • improved accuracy means less time spent re-working documents and wasted on customer problem-handling
  • an integrated, end-to-end view of your customers means that you spend less time searching disparate information, responding more quickly and accurately to queries
  • rather than maintaining a department-based print-output approach, Icon can be used to consolidate communications into a single print-stream engine for lower unit cost output at all volumes
  • supporting multi-channel communications in an integrated fashion means faster campaigns and greater up-take of electronic interaction, reducing paper generation, storage, output and postage costs.

One or more of these ways of improving efficiency may apply to your organisation. Typically large organisations have at least six document creation, management and output systems: rationalising these around icon leads to both IT and operational savings. As the customer communications area spans many departments and responsibilities, true costs are often hidden or poorly understood. iconuk will work with you to let you collect and then take control of the key metrics driving efficiency.

Improve Efficency

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