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With your people now working from home and the newly identified risk of infection through touching post, quickly removing paper and wet ink signatures from your usual business processes is critical – for your organisation and society.

Together with our partner Namirial, we want to help remote workers to stay safe and stay productive. They need better tools for making electronic document completion legally binding, deployable with speed and flexibility. Now you can, FREE OF CHARGE for months!

Work remotely and minimize impact of COVID-19 pandemic by taking up the special offer of using eSignAnyWhere Smart Working Service free of charge to execute an unlimited amount of transactions until normality returns, at least until Easter 2021!

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eSignAnyWhere Smart Working Service

This special service with a fixed, clearly pre-defined rich set of standard features is available to all new customers worldwide. Users of eSignAnyWhere Smart Working Service can:


Namirial eSignAnywhere is delivering complete evidence of a legally binding digital transaction. Any interaction is looplessly documented in an audit trail file: Who was signing which version of a document at which point in time.

Signing up and getting started is super easy and done within a few minutes: Register for the service to create a free account, check your email for activation/confirmation and view the tutorials.

First, check to see if this service does all you want, such as how to send your first documents for signature: 

Note that not some functionality shown in this tutorial may not be available under the pre-packaged Smart Working Service, as per the terms of this offer.

Want to try it out? Take advantage now:

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If you would like to receive individual consultation on how to use e-signatures for your desired use cases, please contact contact Icon UK sales for non-standard or tailored requirements or Namirial sales regarding simpler straightforward signing under this offer.

All Namirial teams around the globe are fully committed to supporting our users and customers during this challenging time, and are continuing to scale our infrastructure to support greater demand, ensuring streamlined, reliable access to the service throughout this period.

If you need help getting started, please visit eSignAnyWhere Support page, or ask us for local UK support.  


eSignAnyWhere Smart Working Service - FAQ

Does the service cover every possible eSigning need?

No. Legally compliant eSigning is a complex matter and varies by sectors, geographies and size; our task is to make this easier, convenienet and productive for all. This offering is designed to assist remote workers with basic cloud signing capabilities and cover many common use cases.

However, if you would like to benefit from additional features, talk to us. These may include more than one signature type (HTML5, biometric, etc.), add certificates (local or remote), use advanced authentication (e.g. One-Time-Password sent by SMS or Transaction Authentication Numbers), custom branding or white label, bulk sending/signing, or use connectors (e.g. for Outlook, Word, Salesforce, Dynamics, SharePoint, etc.) for easy integrations.

Also if you need an on-premise version, want to develop deep application integrations, have particular network/security considerations, or wish to conduct video-identification (Live ID) or video meetings such as for witnessing or KYC, ask us.

Are eSignatures legal in England and Wales?

Yes, as confirmed both by 2019's Law Commission Report and pre-existing EU wide EIDAS legislation. Hovever not all eSignatures carry the same evidential weight and there are variances in admissibility according to which country's law applies and the type of document being signed. For example Scotland allows more with the highest standard (Qualified Electronic Signature) and video witnessing. Generally for most purposes there is a solution using our broad portfolio. See our comments on the Report

Does someone need to be a eSignAnyWhere user to sign?

No. Signers do not require to open an eSignAnyWhere account (Senders do). Signers can review, fill and sign documents anywhere anytime on any device.

Is eSignAnyWhere GDPR compliant?

eSignAnyWhere enables compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Are you offering individual consultation for integration into individual business processes and/or system environments?

Contact us for evaluation if the Smart Working Service fits your needs or your organization would benefit from implementing one of our regular plans or taking other integration approaches, e.g. if you prefer an on-premise installation, specific application interfaces, or any other additional items mentioned (in exclusions) above. 

What happens after easter 2021?

We sincerely hope we will be back to regular business. We assume you have enjoyed the benefits of using eSignAnyWhere and will be ready to select one of our attractive regular plans. If you do not want to continue you can export all of your signed documents from eSignAnyWhere.

Further questions?

Individual questions on the offering can also be answered by email to smartesaw@namirial.com. We will be adding questions and answers relevant to a broader audience to this page subsequently.

About Icon's Partner, Namirial

Namirial is Icon UK’s partner of choice for provision of Digital Trust Services and Transaction Management, including eSigning. Namirial’s multinational provision of such services empowers trusted digital transformation worldwide in both private sector and public administration.

The core business is the provision of solutions for trusted digital transaction management. These solutions are aggregated in a unique platform including applications for identifying and authenticating users, workflows for orchestrating signatures, providing certificates for generating electronic signatures and seals, procedures for long-term archiving and electronic invoices, as well as electronic delivery services. Namirial is a Qualified Trusted Service Provider according to EU Regulation 910/2014 eIDAS. Icon provides local sales, consulting, integration, implementation and support services for these and complementary eSigning technologies. 

Together with Icon UK and its international network of partners, Namirial is serving millions of customers. Currently headquartered in Italy, it operates from 21 locations in six countries, employing 440 people. Access www.namirial.com for more information.


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